Four-Year-Old Kid Spews Uncontrollably, Passes Days After Common Activity Almost Every Child Enjoys.

A four-year-old boy called Francisco Delgado III from Texas passed away because of dry drowning, after some days of swimming at the Texas City Dike near Galveston with his family, according to KTRK.
Francisco had some symptoms of a jumbled stomach after swimming, but it seemed that he got better, so his family did not think about that.

Surprisingly, about a week after swimming, "Baby Frankie”, as what his family called him, woke up in the midnight and could take any breath.

Francisco Delgado Jr, Frankie’s father, said that his son just screamed ahh, and took his last breath. So, his father directly called 911 that took him to the hospital.

Tara Delgado, Frankie’s mother said that she could see him lying with no moves, and she screamed that she wants to tough her boy. Maybe he needs that touch. But, the doctor came in and said that Frankie had symptoms of dry drowning, and we have nothing to do.

Dry drowning occurs after hours or even days when a person inhales water. And the experts explain that symptoms include coughing, fatigue, sleepiness, vomiting, and troubled breathing.

Once water gets in a person's lungs, it irritates them, causing them to fill with fluid, medical director of Cleveland Clinic Children's pediatric emergency departments, Purva Grover, told USA Today in 2015. 
"You might not witness your child inhale any pool water, but it's important to watch out for signs soon after an event that could cause dry drowning," Grover said. "It's very unusual for the child to have absolutely no symptoms, but they may go to bed and in the middle of the night have trouble breathing. It takes a couple of hours, for the fluid to emerge in the lungs." 
Dry drowning cases are rare, but parents should always be aware of the risk, Grover told USA Today. 
"My best advice is when a child has a near-drowning event in the water, the first thing is to get a professional opinion," she said.
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