4 Pups Found In Cardboard Box Outside Shelter In Heat, 3 Of Them Had Already Died

Abandoning dogs outside shelters is so common in Serbia, which is well-known by one organization there. So, when a volunteer of the organization saw a cardboard box on the property, he was ready to see anything.

The volunteer went to take a closer look and found a litter of 4 pups around 4 weeks old inside. If they had been surrendered properly, they would have all survived, but 3 of them died as they were callously abandoned.

The alive pup would have also died in minutes if he was not found. So, he was directly taken by the rescuer and given a big bowl of water, after taking the 3 pups to be examined.

It was just water who he wanted to stay alive, as he started wagging his tail after drinking water. The miracle was that they found another pup in a shaded spot after searching the area, which is something they always do when dogs are abandoned.

It was obvious that the 5th dog was dehydrated, but staying in the shade kept her alive. It was somehow a great result as the rescuers were able to rescue 2 pups. We are also sorry that the 3 other pups were not able to make it.

Watch the video below.

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