Four-Month-Old Pup Cries And Growls As Owner Beats Him For An Outrageous Reason.

A 4-month-old pup was heard whimpering and crying outside his house in Yucca Valley, California. The German Shepherd pup's owner was spotted punching the poor pup, so the witness directly called the police. They arrived and arrested a 60-year-man called Charles Lathrop because he was hitting his pup with a fist. The authorities have charged the owner with a willful animal brutality's felony, and they are holding him at the Morongo Basin Jail.


Lathrop admitted to punching his German Shepherd pup more than 20 times as he was trying to detox off heroin. That was not an enough excuse for punching a poor dog? The dog was seriously injured, so they took him to animal control to take care of him. The dog's current situation is unknown.

If you have any information you have to call (760)366-4175 (the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department).

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