300 Dogs Saved From Heading To A Meat Farm By Locals, Who Intervene And Called The Police!

This story speaks about a rescuing process for more than 300 dogs from moving to a dog meat farm! The story began when some locals saw more than 300 dogs in a cargo truck, that passed by them, so they decided to investigate and follow it!

The cargo truck was taking the dogs to the Jilin province of northeastern China to participate in a dog meat festival! So, the locals wanted to prevent that, by heading to social media to notify the groups of animal rights to share the news! The residents kept following the truck until the arrival of the authorities!
Thankfully, the dogs, that were about to be killed and tortured because of a sick tradition, were taken by the police, who came just in time! Thankfully, all the dogs are now safe! Watch the video above to have more information.
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