3 years in jail, Monthly Tax Units, and banned from having animals for dogfighting organizer!

Lady Freethinker, a Los Angeles-based animal advocacy group, made some investigations that lead to catch Gonzalo Ariel Rebolledo Robles, a dogfighting organizer and Illegal dog breeder.

San Felipe, Chile, a judge in the criminal court issued many charges to Gonzalo because his illegal acts. He was sentenced for 3 years in jail, he was also banned from having an animal in his possession again for his whole life, and Monthly Tax Units!
The authorities found 24 in Gonzalo’s property, 21 of them are neglected and wounded! They were chained in short chains with no water or food! Unfortunately, some of the dogs died before Lady Freethinker arrived, but the other dogs were taken to custody and ready for adoption. Watch the video above to have more information.
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