Three Abandoned Pooches Were Left At Bus Station Alone And Freezing.- Now Watch when They Get their Own Beds

Few kind people in Brazil decided something incredible for the stray pooches freezing on the roads at a local bus station, because of the winter. Employees at the bus station created a space to look after them, and to stay warm.


The staff at the Barreirinha bus terminal made animal beds from the old tires, in addition to provide them with water and food. You may not consider this a big thing, but to these 3 pups, it is like staying at a 5-star hotel. Those 3 poor pooches have struggled a lot, and it could be the first time they received love. 

The staff named the nice trio Zainho, Pitoco, and Max, and they could not be more grateful. What these kind people did caught the attention of Fabiane Rosa, an animal lover and local politician, who wrote that he thanks the terminal staff, pointing that many companies in Curitiba could follow them.

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