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10 Dog Breeds That Hardly Ever Bark

Having dogs in your home is something that many people like, but the problem is that people do not like the annoying voice that some dog breeds make. Do not worry! This list contains 15 dog breeds that hardly bark.

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Some Defenseless Strays Were Being Attacked Until Rescuers Stepped In

This story talks about Hummus and Falafel who are strays dogs. they were living on the streets, exhausted and scared. The couple were sitting together in such a hot day.

When Hope For Paws arrived at the place where the couple were, they offered them some water. The rescuers learned that the helpless two dogs had been attacked by some bigger dogs, so they were decided to stop it. Thus, they used the fence in yard beside them to catch the couple. The mission was successful done and the couple were transferred into the crate.

Now, the two dogs are happy and they were fostered by L.A. Animal Rescue until they can find a forever home. Watch the video above to have more information.

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