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10 Things Make Pets and Kids a Perfect Match

We all know that kids love pets unconditionally, as they can make a great bond with each other as they have so many common things between them, here are 20 common things between them that make them a perfect match:

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Box with “Shoot Me” label led to astonishment

This story belongs to six little puppies that were found inside a box and guess what was the box labeled as, it was the tag “shoot me”. This is the most insane act by anyone who has done this miserable act with these little helpless creatures. These creatures will be having no fault and yet they were left to die with no food and severe medical condition.

This box was located by couple that was walking down the woods, the couple immediately looked to take help from animals rescue community and these six little puppies were immediately given medical attention. Upon getting hands on these babies it was observed that they were all very hungry, two of them were severely injured as well, one was bitten on face and the other had its tail damaged. After these creatures were given relevant medical assistance these pups were also named, however, two of them couldn’t survive and three were suffering from a disease.

However, with the passage of time the leftover puppies are growing well and healthy and are able to cope easily but still they need a home as well. Currently this foster home has accommodated them but also there are more dogs to come over after being rescued and so space is required. It would be great if these babies find out a new home and a family where they may live peacefully and permanently. These pups are way too friendly and have always proven to be great source of inspiration.

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