Pit bull gets the best surprise ever when the man who rescued him comes to adopt him


Coming across an old friend
It is a great feeling to come across an old friend and it becomes even better when the friend is the one who had saved your life. This is the story of pit bull Mojo who was just 3 months old when Joey Wagner discovered that the dog was living in not-so-good conditions. Joey is the founder of non-profit Baie Ste Marie Animal Society in Nova Scotia.

He learned that a kindhearted Samaritan had previously tried to save the life of Mojo. The dog was suffering with demodectic mange and Joey took the dog to an animal hospital. According to Mojo’s Facebook page, the dog had only a few hours left to live when the adoption requests started to pour in. it is a sad fact that because of the severity of his case, ordinary adoptions requests were not entertained. But the great thing is that one day finally got reunited with his owner Joey. Their reunion is absolutely amazing. 


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