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K9 Cop Was About To Be Euthanized, Then He Received A Radio Call With A Goodbye Message

K9 dogs of the cops do many things for humans lawfully. They apprehend, guide, protect, sniff, and serve until their last moments. This story speaks about a brave German Shepherd called Argo, who did a huge impact after joining Hildalgo County Sheriff’s office.

Argo, who was a Narcotics Detection Dog, and his partner, LT Francisco Guerrero, helped the authorities to get rid of thousands of pounds of drugs in Texas.

Unfortunately, the dog was diagnosed with a progressive and devastating disease, bone cancer, after many years of service, which meant that he did not have the same power to do his tasks! Guerrero held a small, private ceremony to say goodbye for him! What a heartbroken moment... Watch the video above to have more information.

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Unbelievably shocking video shows an excavator crushing a tiger to death. Shocking!!!

Worst kind of “rescue”

The world’s worst ever animal rescue took place in Northern Indiain Jim Corbett National Park. It is absolutely unbelievable because this is being called a mishap when a Bengal tiger was shockingly crushed and killed by the same machine that was brought to excavate and transport it. Previously what happened is that the tiger had attacked the migrant liberals who were working at a stone query. As a result, one man and a woman was killed and this is why the local authorities had entrusted the task of transporting the tiger to the staff of Jim Corbett National Park.

He was first tranquilized by the rangers and then they tried to hoist it with a JCB digger nearby. But then the navigator lost control of the machine totally and what happened is in front of you. It is already a rare breed and we cannot afford more stupid deaths of tigers like that.

Wildlife officials had previously tried to explain that the tiger died because of an infection and asphyxiation. But of course this story doesn’t make any sense because it is clear how the tiger died. Of course he killed a man and a woman but he is a wild animal and we cannot expect him to show kindness to the people when left alone with them. Wild animals should be kept in a cell or somewhere safe where they cannot approach humans.

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