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Fluffy Dog Strolls Through And Interrupts TV Weather Forecast

The weather forecast of WMUR-TV was interrupted by an unexpected cute way by a fluffy Newfoundland. The meteorologist, Josh Judge was in the middle of his report when the dog decided to come in without even care about anyone.

When the dog interrupted the weather forecast Josh was in the middle of his report saying that the sunshine increasing, and when he saw the dog, he added that and there is a dog behind me, he then started laughing randomly. Josh added that he was just doing the weather when he saw the dog, so he had stopped for less than a second to make sure that he really saw a dog.

The truth was that the dog, Bella, who is owned by Amy Coveno, a weekend news anchor and Josh's colleague, was in the studio for an upcoming feature on veterinarians, but Josh had no idea about that. Watch the video below to have more information.

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