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Dog Injected With Cocaine, Found Dumped On The Sidewalk

We must treat animals with respect and kindness, and dogs are one of these animals.

No one ever thought that the cruelty of kids would be like this! One animal control officer found a dog called Peanut on a sidewalk in a very bad way! So, he immediately rushed to help her. Fortunately, doctors managed to get the dog breathing again, but they could not quite know why she’d collapsed!

She was malnourished and so weak, there was no reason for the stopping of her breath! They then knew that some kids in the neighborhood had injected Peanut with cocaine! She was on the brink of death because of the drug! But thankfully, she completely recovered and started to eat, drink and play. She finally has a nice loving home with a loving family. Thanks to the vets, who did their best to save Peanut’s life. Watch the video above to have more information.
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