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The Dog Who Has Spent 2,381 Days In Shelter Finally Gets A Home

This story speaks about a dog called Higgins who stayed at The Humane Society of Preble County for so long waiting to be adopted, but Leslie Renner, the executive director, refused to give up on him and decided to help him to be out of the shelter.



Higgins was adopted right away when he came to the shelter as a puppy, but he was then back as a stray when someone came with him. The most heartbreaking thing was that no one came looking for him.



Since that incident, people still ignored Higgins for many years for no reasonable reason. No one knows why they did not want to adopt him. Fortunately, after 2,381 days someone came called Brendon Reed and said he want to adopt Higgins.



Reed, 22, wanted a companion after getting his first home so he decided to have Higgins after seeing his photo. Thankfully, Higgins now has a loving owner and a loving home to stay in the rest of his life being in a shelter for about 6.5 long years. Watch the video below to have more information.



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