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Someone Tied A Senior Dog To A Heavy Rock And Threw Her In The River

A good Samaritan in Nottingham, England, saw senior Belgian Shepherd called Bella struggling to stay afloat in the waters of the Trent River, so she directly called the police who came and rescued the dog.


Directly took her to a local vet where she received the care and treatment she needed, and she will be placed in a foster home till she is completely recovered. The RSPCA and the police have launched an investigation to know her owner by the microchip, but they found that the tag was changed back in 2010.

The authorities have made an arrest on suspicion of animal brutality, but they are still trying to have more information. An officer from Nottinghamshire Police called PC Adam Pace said that they are doing what they can to know the responsible person of that. They are also asking anyone who knows any information to call them. Thankfully, Bella will be available for adoption once she is completely healed. Watch the video below to have more information.


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A dog-walker called the police after seeing a 12-year-old horse lying on the ground ‘’totally suffering’’. The white piebald mare was pawing and moaning at the ground attempting to stand, and her mane and face were also covered in frost. 

RSPCA, an inspector for animal charity, said that the horse was caused to fall on the ground by tyre tracks which had pulled away quickly. the horse had many injuries in the face, because of the fall. RSPCA and a local veterinarian were called, but unfortunately, the white mare was put to sleep. The RSPCA is now investigating, and is urging anyone that has any information to contact them.

The white mare was found on Saturday in a field in Uppingham Road, Skeffington, near Tilton-on-the-Hill. Sheona Morley, RSPCA inspector, said that the tyre tracks on the ground showing what caused the horse to fall on the floor while her back legs of the horse had been tied to fence with a rope. The poor horse had some horrible injuries in her face, as a result of the fall.

Finally, she was put over from the railings, and they brought her to a vet who said that she was really suffering, so she finally was put to sleep.

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