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Psycho Records Himself Punching Poor Dog Many Times, And Posts It On Snapchat!

It's known that people use social media to help animals and to find homes for them, but on the other hand many abusers use it to share their bad acts against the animals and the video above that was taken in a Clinton Township, Michigan, is one of them.




The video above, that was posted on Snapchat, shows a shirtless man punches a poor dog several times after repeatedly hovering over him. The problem between people who watched the video and Jeff Randazzo, Macomb County Animal Control Chief, is that the person who filmed the video doesn't do anything to help the animal.



A $2,000 reward was offered by the police for any information that could help identify the abuser. The man who filmed the abusing tried to give the police information to get the reward, but they did not give him anything, but he was also out of the case as there is not enough evidence to show that he'd criminal intent. It is expected that the abuser will turn himself soon. Watch the video above to have more information.



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