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Owner Of Dog-Fighting Ring, Laughs While He Was Trying To Get Back 49 Dogs After Being Rescued

49 severely neglected and malnourished dogs were found by the officers of Pierce County Animal Control in a property, that was on suspicions of acting as a dog-fighting ring, in Tacoma. Tacoma-Pierce County's human society took the dogs.



37 of the rescued Pit Bulls are now being looked after by the Humane Society who asking people to foster or adopt some of them as they're facing resource crisis and severe space. The victim dogs of the dog-fighting ring are not available for adoption as they need many works to be available for adoption. The Humane Society are also giving a discount in the adoption fees which is $25.



Thankfully, Elmer James Givens Jr., 40-year-old property's owner, was arrested and charged on animal fighting charges and 1st-degree animal cruelty by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department after finding extensive dog-fighting training supplies.


Later, the cruel owner was released and he also demanded to return his Pit Bulls back to him! Elmer did not answer straightly when he was asked about the dog-fighting ring and said that's silly. We hope that this cruel man doesn't take his dogs back. Watch the video below to have more information.


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