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Man Wants To Keep An Abandoned Dog He Finds In The Middle If Street, But His Wife Said No.

How do you feel if you wake up and find yourself in the middle of a highway?! What would you do? A related close thing happened with a dog who was dropped in a highway by his owner that wants to escape from the poorness. Fae, the nice pup, is a 10-Year-old and has a sweet Chihuahua mix which didn't deserve to be left in a highway. But, to be honest, no animal in life deserves to be thrown out into a cruel world with no place to go.



His owner left him on a California freeway and a driver with his family saw him on the side of the street. Nobody knew how long he had been there, but when you look at her, it is clear that he was completely abandoned. One of them felt with some hope and took him to his home. Then his wife had some others ideas, so he was forced to leave the home.




Then the pup moved to Baldwin Park Animal Services, when he arrived, Elaine, an employee received a call from the man who was forced to drop the dog off the shelter and he was crying, so Elaine's heart went out to the pup. Even the pup was not in a good manner, but he still had the ability to eat and walk.




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Drivers Ignore A Terrifying Werewolf On Side Of The Road, But A Woman With Big Heart Realizes The Truth

Madeira Ranchos, California, the residents there observe a mysterious werewolf every day. It was balding and skinny, and its tail was broken. It was obvious that it had not eaten for many weeks. No one wanted it as it looked dangerous and too scary.

No one knew what animal it was, because no one got close enough to know. Until the end of March, the poor animal was seen by a woman while she was in her car, so, she stopped to take a photo. She shared it on Facebook and waited in her car for help.

Fortunately, the hero immediately arrived. Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pup’s founder, Megan Bowe, bravely approached the poor creature and surprisingly started crying by what she saw.

The true identity of the werewolf has been revealed ...

After an inspection Megan recognized that this "werewolf" was actually a German shepherd mix. She named him "King" and directly took him to an emergency veterinary clinic.

He did not put up fight with Megan; he was happy to go with her.

The vet has encountered many problems with King. He had scabies, a broken tail and broken pelvis, as well as various other injuries and illnesses. The German Shepherd looked like an old dog, but he was only a year old.

Thankfully, he had many surgeries to recover, and he will be ready for adoption in few months. Watch the video above to have more information.

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