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Man Chained His Dog To Death To a Dog house, Leaves & Sawdust Where His Only Food

A concerned citizen alerted the authorities in Youngstown, Ohio, about a 2-year-old Pit Bull mix, that was chained to a doghouse in the backyard of James Antwon Jones.


The agent of Animal Charity found the poor dog who was already dead as there were sawdust and leaves inside its stomach. Fortunately, James Antwon Jones was indictedunder Goddard’s Law on felony animal charges, and will be in the court soon. Watch the video below to have more information.

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Restless Dogs Wake Owners At 4:30am, They Look Outside In Snow And Immediately Recognize Why

This story speaks about a distressing problem which is Alzheimer’s or dementia; older people manage to run outdoors that happens too often in winter, only to be found frozen and dead.

In this story there are two Labradoodles (Eva and Adam) and their owners (Susan and Lonnie Chester) who saved one woman’s life.

It was in Norvill Township, Michigan where the Chester’s live, on one recent cold Saturday morning, around 4:30, When the two dogs was acting oddly in an odd time and that was strange for the Chester.

Lonnie was wondering and could fully open the outer door, when the puppies rushed outdoors and bolted straight for Lonnie's truck to find a woman in her late 80’s, on the ground wearing a nightgown only and she was so cold as well as terrified.
Lonnie without hesitation lifted the woman in his arms, carried her into his home and he contacted with authorities.

It could be tragic without Eva and Adam because the woman had been outside in 9-degree F. temperatures.

However, the woman’s family was asking the couple if they had seen her because they had been searching for her but had not noticed her hiding in the dark and snow. The woman was taken to a hospital and checked over. Thanks Eva and Adam, they are smart and good puppies and their owners are so proud of them. Watch the video above to have more information.

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