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He Sends Video To His Parents While They Are In Vacation, Showing That Their Dog Is Doing Good

Oscar, the family's dog, was left in Garrett's care after his parents had gone for an urgent cruise lasted for a week to spend their vacation. Mom and dad worried about Oscar although he is safe with their son however, this happens with any dog owner.



Mother kept telling Garrett to take care of Oscar, Garrett wrote on Facebook. Garrett, the clever son, thought about an idea to calm and relieve his parents. So, he made a short clip about what is Oscar doing and it shows how he is totally fine and even having fun, and he was the one who is having the time of his life, wrote Garrett on Facebook. How adorable! Watch the video below to have more information.


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He was in very bad condition, and no one hopes that they will completely survive him. He did not stop screaming when they were heading the hospital. The vets said that his waist down was broken, that was the reason for his screaming, and he is in totally critical condition. They provided him IV antibiotics to treat him as his critical needs this. 

Fei Long, the new name of the dog, was still crying and in high fever, even after 2 weeks of medication. Fei Long was becoming better day by day, he started eating a lot, and his wounds were also dropped. Veterinarians hope that Fei Long would normally walk again. After a month, he started looking good and he stopped screaming, but he still can’t walk, he is still learning walking using wheelchair, we all hope that he will walk as normal again.

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