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Family Starved And Mutilated Their Dog, Then Kicked Him Out Of Home

A call came to DAR Animal Rescue about a poor young dog who was starved and mutilated by his family who then abandoned him to fend for himself. Actually, he found refuge in a pile of tires waiting for a new forever family that could save his life.


 Thankfully, his suffering days came to an end as the volunteers of DAR were able to take him to treat him. Unfortunately, they noticed that his ears were cut by his family! In the car, they also found out that the dog had a bad case of mange, and he was very hungry as he started smiling food. Actually, every dog just wants to feel safe and have a good meal.


When they arrived to the veterinarian, who knew that Cooper was only ten-months-old, they decided to treat him. he was put on a course of treatment and stayed in patient for some days as he had to eat and drink.Cooper, the dog, was then taken to DAR's shelter as he became stronger. He will receive the love and care he needs and eat whenever he wants. Happily, his fur started growing quickly in shiny and nice.


 Thankfully, Cooper was adopted by a family in England who were able to bring him home. He is now living the life he deserves and getting the food whenever he wants. Watch the video below to have more information.


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