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Dog Who Lost Everything In Australian Fires Could Find His Favorite Toy

It is known that the Australian bushfires took many lives and properties in many areas there. One family was forced to evacuate their home as the fires were so close to it, but when the fires were off of their area, they went to assess the damage as they thought that they lost everything! Actually, they almost lost everything, but just one thing which was their Golden Retriever’s toy!

Zagami family’s dog found his stuffed toy and their reunion was great! It looks like that the dog met his best friend again! Actually, there was another thing that survived, which was Katie Zagami’s wedding dress! What a great surprise! Actually, this story reminds us that little creatures or things can survive from disasters, but the best thing is to take them with you if you can. Watch the video below to have more information.

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Dog Lover Accused Of Pet Theft After Taking A Chained-Up Dog, She Has No Regrets

Our beloved dogs are a source of pleasure to us. We can’t stand the idea of a dog being ignored and neglected. These cute animals deserve to be treated well with a lot of love and care. Fortunately, some people are ready to do anything in order to rescue dogs and provide permanent homes for them.

Judy Camp is an amazing woman and dog lover. It is apparent that she is fond of dogs because she risked going to prison after she took a chained-up dog. Judy said that the dog was freezing outside and she felt she had to rescue him. This incident occurred last December on a junkyard in the county of Okanagan, Washington. Judy was taken to court this week and faced several criminal charges including pet theft, lying to police, and the obstruction of justice. Judy was found not guilty of the first two charges, but she was found guilty of the obstruction of justice. The whole story began when people posted about a neglected dog freezing outside.

One neighbor made a stand and decided to go talk with his owners, but the owners told her that Duke was a guard dog and they were taking good care of him. Police also decided to investigate and arrived at the place, but they found no clue that Duke was neglected. This woman, Judy was not comfortable and decided to watch the dog. Judy believed the dog was neglected and said he was freezing outside and the garbage was all over the place. Judy made a brave decision and took the dog with her. She named him Tank and when authorities returned the dog to his owners, Judy bought him from them with $500.      

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