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Caught On Security Cam, Mother Dog Saves Her Puppy From Wild Leopard Attack

This leopard was given a taste of his own medicine by a mother dog!



The video above, that was recorded by a surveillance camera in India, shows a leopard sneaking up on a pup in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh outside Indian Forest Service office. One officer came outside, after hearing a ruckus, to see the tiny puppy had suffered from small scrapes and cuts.



So, they decided to see the surveillance video and stunned! They saw that the mama dog came out of nowhere to save her baby! This puppy is so lucky as her mama was by his side to protect him. Watch the video below to have more information.


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Pound ‘Disciplined’ Spike With Choke Poles Till It Went Limp — Then Mercilessly Dragged Him To His Kennel

The video above has disturbing content, be aware. The clip that shows a poor stray dog called Spike, who has been mistreated in Chicago, US, in an animal control security facility. And that caused the facility to be under fire. A non-profit investigative journalism outlet in Illinois called Better Government association shared the scene that was recorded by the security cameras. 

Using a tightly chained collar and choke poles, the was immediately neutralized by workers after he panicked. The clip, that was shared online, has generated huge criticism from animal lovers all over the world. The workers used Mosaic to cover their faces. Watch the video to have more information and tell us your opinion.

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1-Bernese Mountain Dog

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