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Caught On Camera: Rescue Dog Found Sleeping Beside Baby Girl To Guard Her!

We all know that dogs and children are real friends, they actually do many things together such as playing, messing, and even sleeping!


The video above shows us a baby girl called Addison sleeping with a rescue dog in the same bed! The North Californian mom, Kristin Leigh Rhynehart, caught that moment on camera and shared it on YouTube saying that she rescued a dog, but the reality was that she brought a guardian angel! Watch the video above to have more information.

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Someone left a poor dog chained in pouring rain and even the authorities won’t take any step

An update on the story
This story was previously published after this poor dog’s owners left him chained and the rain was pouring down and the poor dog remained chained throughout. Weeks went by in pleading and pleading with the owner and the dog was finally surrendered to a local rescue shelter. The story has now taken a tragic end that the dog had become so fragile after having several health complications that he had to be euthanized.

The most shocking thing of all is that the previous owner of the dogs was never even charged just because of a stupid reason that the state of Alabama doesn’t have any anti-tethering laws. There was not even any legal basis to pursue and demand justice.

There is renewed interest in this story and a petition have been started that states that whoever leaves their dog chained outside for more than 24 hours would receive jailtime. Please sign this petition to do something good for all the dogs in Alabama.

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